Together we are stronger

The Asia Pacific Tech-Toy Members Organization (APTM) was established in 2019 with the prime object of
fostering integrated and accelerated growth and development of
the toy industry in Asia Pacific, and to exploit the next generation toy and technology the Asia and Pacific rim covering North America, East Asia, South East Asia and South Asia.

The toy industry in Asia and Pacific have tremendous potential for export and domestic sales growth, productivity increase, employment creation and for all-round development of
the economy. However. the industry also face new challenge with in trade tension, new regulation and address environmental and social issues. ATPM is here to help our members to meet new challenges and capture opportunities.

We presents vast potential for export of toys, dolls, games and playthings. APTM Venture Program also presents opportunitues for ideas that has great potential in the areas of toy and technology. We assist in angel phase investment and devleopment assistant.

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